Switch Socket Price in Bangladesh

To know the Switch Socket Price in Bangladesh, we advise you to go through this page. You will find the most important and updated information about their price, variation, and quality so you can decide to buy Switch Socket for your home.

Regular Series Switch and Socket

Classic Series Switch and Socket

Business Series Switch and Socket

Cute Series Switch and Socket

Exclusive Series Switch and Socket

Golden Series Switch and Socket

Platinum Series Switch and Socket

Piano Series Switch and Socket

Importance of Best Quality Switch Socket:

Switches are the controlling devices used to turn electrical current on or off for any electrical device. Earlier, people often ignored the quality and design of Switches though they are an essential component of the electrical fitting of any house. However, they are gaining people’s attention rapidly as people are now more concerned about safety.

Features of Switch and Socket

In the old days, people rely on Electricians to buy electrical equipment for their homes. But people are now more concerned about the elegance of their homes. An electric switch is a beneficial component of our home’s electrical fitting. They help us power up our house and increase the pleasantness of our home interior.

Tips to Buy Switch and Socket:

Electric Switches can primarily differentiate into Conventional and Modular Switches. As conventional switches are old-aged and exposed to metal screws and wiring, it has a chance of causing shock. On the other hand, modular switches are free from any metallic parts and ensure no risk.

Go through the tips below before buying the electrical switch and socket and get compensated in the long run.

Details of the different parts of the switch are as follows:

Front part/panel board/cover plate: Made of Bakelite or PC (polycarbonate material) or ABS Powder. In terms of safety issues, Bakelite-made switches are best.
Back part/back seat: Made from mainly Nylon or PC. Nylon is more heat resistant than PC, hence safer.
Inner parts: Mainly are of Copper or Brass made. Copper is more electrically conductive than Brass. However, Brass is more durable than Copper. Both can perform better than Iron.
While buying the Switch and Socket, you must consider all the safety features for the security of your home and family. People should purchase Switches made from fire retardant material and shuttered sockets.

Long Life:

Modular switches have a longer lifespan than conventional switches. VGT Classic Series can serve you for the most extended period with a ten-year warranty.


Among the many textures, colors, designs, and combinations of switches available in the market, you can choose the ones which are aesthetically pleasing to harmonize with your modern interiors.


Considering the insulation resistance while buying the Switch and Socket would be best.


Dust shields of modular switches can save your efforts to wipe them regularly. So, it can help maintain the new look of the buttons for years.


Always choose the noise-free and ‘soft to operate switches because they can be more reliable regarding durability.


You can choose the switches that offer the maximum warranty period and also consider the other criteria mentioned here.

Some Advantages of Modular Switches:

Modular switches have gained popularity within a brief period because they are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and convenient. Below are some reasons why you should choose modular switches:

  • Elegant Design: Modular Switches are popular because they are stylish and appealing.
  • Multi-Functional: Modular switches can do many functions, including automation, signaling, and data transmission.
  • Safe: Modular switches become the safest electrical equipment for your home because they are made from high-grade materials.

Popular Brands of Electric Switch in Bangladesh:

Some brands of modular switches are growing very fast in Bangladesh because of their popularity and demand. Some of the best modular Switch and Socket brands in Bangladesh are:

  • Walton
  • SSG
  • Click
  • Wener
  • Energypac
  • Honeywell
  • Niico

Find below some best quality Switch Socket Prices in Bangladesh: