Among many other brands, Sony Plus TV is one of the most popular TV brands in Bangladesh for its affordable price and unique features. LED TV is the upgraded version of LCD TV which uses a series of light-emitting diodes to represent a clear backlight display. Sony Plus Smart LED TV has some fantastic features, which are: streaming videos from Netflix, sharing Smartphone content to the Smart TV through Miracast, downloading various apps from the play store, playing games, searching anything by using the voice remote in your voice-controlled TV, extra protection in double glass TV, 4K resolution and 4K supported TV.

Why should you buy Smart TV?

Sony Plus Smart TV has outstanding features like screen sharing from mobile devices, video streaming services, app downloading, and free dish channels. Sony Plus LED TV has many variations in its models and features. Those variations include Basic TV, Smart TV, Double Glass TV, Voice Control TV, 4K UHD TV, and Metal Body TV. Some Sony Plus Smart TVs have 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, while others have 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. You can easily choose and buy your desired Smart LED TV from these variations.

Checklist before buying LED TV

While buying an LED TV you should get the below information:

  • You may choose a full HD or 4K resolution TV if you want to buy a 43-inch or higher sizes TV. However, if you buy a 32-inch or less size TV, you may also choose an HD TV.
  • Your viewing experience will be better if you buy a large-screen TV. Sports and movie viewing experiences are better on large screen TV.
  • Smart TV has many stunning features like streaming videos, playing games, downloading apps, and browsing websites.
  • Check if your TV has a minimum of 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports. You will need them to connect several external devices.
  • You need an extra soundbar or speakers to sound like a home theatre.

Sony Plus Smart TV Latest Price List

Below are some best models of Sony Plus Smart TV and their latest prices as of 2022:

Some other Latest Price List of Different Featured Sony Plus LED TV

Visit the links below to know some other different featured Sony Plus LED Tv’s latest price as of 2022:

Best Sellers of Sony Plus Smart LED TV

Many sellers sell Sony Plus LED TVs in Bangladesh. Some are remarkable for providing the best after-sales service to their customers. Those sellers include, TM Electronics, and

After-sales service is a very crucial thing for big appliances like LED TVs. When people buy an LED TV for their home, they always want the best product and after-sales service. People want to depend on sellers for any unwanted situation of their product. An LED TV may need help even if customers buy the best outcome. Issues include parts or panel damage, motherboard, sound, remote control, and many others.

We provide a one-year full guarantee for spare parts and panels. Our customers need not worry about any cost for their first year of purchasing the product from us. We will bear all the expenses if the products require any. As a prominent seller, we always give the best after-sales service to our customers, and this way, we can be the best seller for this product.

After Sales Service of Sony Plus Android TV

Sony Plus Android LED TV has a one-year parts and panel replacement guarantee and five years free service warranty. always believe that our customers should always be happy after they purchase from us. We want to give reasonable offers that might be difficult to maintain in the future. That’s why we are providing a one-year parts and panel replacement guarantee and five years free service warranty. Hope we can satisfy our customers through our product and after-sales service.