Compare to many premium brands, China LED TV price in Bangladesh is very low but their quality is quite satisfactory. Many shops in Bangladesh import and sell the best quality China LED TV. You can compare their prices from these shops and take your wise decision about buying the best LED TV for your home. Price of China LED TV in Bangladesh is as affordable as you don’t want to miss the chance to get a premium-looking TV at your home at such a reasonable cost.

For the LED TV buying guide, please read the paragraph at the bottom of the page.

Features of China LED TV

LED TV is the updated version of LCD TV which uses a series of light-emitting diodes and makes light from electricity. As LED TV makes their own light from electricity, it produces very bright and stunning quality pictures. There are three types of China LED TV available in Bangladesh based on resolution, they are HD Ready LED TV, Full HD LED TV and 4K UHD LED TV.

Why you should buy China LED TV?

China LED TV may be your best choice to choose when you decided to buy an LED TV for your home. This is because not only do they have the most affordable price but also their quality meets the industry standard. Some of the brands have A-Grade panels which provide sharper and more impressive picture quality. With the advanced processor and high level of storage capacity, some China LED TVs are gaining the market position rapidly with customers’ positive feedback.

Popular China LED TV brands in Bangladesh

There are many China LED TV brands available in the market but very few can bring the attention of the customer in terms of quality, warranty policy, and after-sales service. Those brands include Sony Plus, MME, Mango, Solar Vision, Triton, JVCO, etc.

Buy the best quality China LED TV at the best price in Bangladesh:

Quick Tips for buying the LED TV:

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time, go through the below most important quick tips before buying your LED TV:

  • Try to buy a Full HD resolution LED TV, i.e. the resolution should be at least 1080p or higher
  • If you have large rooms and do not have any budget issues, try to buy a big-screen LED TV. Large screens always offer a better viewing experience
  • Again, if your budget suits, always choose a Smart TV to enjoy the world of the internet, apps, social networks, and much more!
  • You will need two HDMI ports to connect the soundbar, laptop, gaming console, DSLR or camcorder alongside the set-top box
  • Besides the marketing gimmick and style statement, curved TVs do not have extra benefits in terms of image quality or viewing angle
  • As long as the LED TV companies try to make the LED TV panel thinner, they cannot provide the speaker with more than average quality. For quality audio, you need to invest in a good soundbar or speakers

What is TV Resolution and Which Resolution TV should be chosen?

There are three types of TV resolutions available on the market. They are HD, FHD, and 4K. If you are thinking to buy a Smart LED TV and want to know details about LED TV resolution, TV resolution types, or what resolution TV you may need, you can check this article: Which Resolution TV should you Buy?

Hope this will help you buy the best Smart LED TV for your home or office.

Which TV brand is China?

The Chinese company produces a large quantity of electronics products every year under several brand names. LED Televisions are one of the most popular electronics items among Chinese product consumers. The most popular and best Chinese LED TV brands are Mi by Xiaomi, OnePlus, TCL, Haier, Hisense, Honor by Huawei, Huawei, Realme, Oppo, Skyworth, Mango, etc. The best Chinese LED TV brands available in Bangladesh are Mi by Xiaomi, OnePlus, TCL, Haier, Hisense, JVCO, Mango, MME, Solar Vision, Triton, etc.

5 Best 32-inch China LED TV’s and their prices in Bangladesh

Since China LED TVs are getting very popular day by day in Bangladesh, people always seek information about their price and quality. People want the best quality China LED TV at a very reasonable price. Among all the sizes, 32 inches is the most demandable TV size in Bangladesh. Below you can find the 5 best 32” China LED TVs and their prices:

  1. Xiaomi Mi P1 32-inch Smart Android HD TV
  2. Haier 32-inch HD Android Bezel-Less Smart LED TV
  3. OnePlus 32-inch Y Series HD LED Smart Android TV
  4. SONY PLUS 32-inch Smart Frameless HD LED TV
  5. MME 32-inch Smart Frameless HD LED TV

Tk. 24,500
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