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Smart TV has become a standard in most households, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. So why is it that Smart TV can be so frustrating? After all, the biggest reason people upgrade to Smart TVs is that they want to be able to control their viewing experience. Here are three tips on how to make the most of your Smart TV experience.

Smart TV: How to Get the most out of your TV.

Smart TV is a new technology that allows you to optimize your viewing experience by adjusting the settings of your television. With Smart TV, you can change the color temperature, contrast, and brightness of your screens to get the perfect picture for whatever show or movie you’re watching.

Smart TV is available on many different types of televisions, both high-end and budget models. You can also buy devices called smart TVs that include Smart TV capabilities.

How to Use Smart TV to maximize your viewing experience

One way to use Smart TV is to adjust the colors and brightness of your screens so that you get the best possible image. To do this, open up your television’s settings and set the “Picture” tab to “Advanced.” then click on the “Brightness” control button under “Video Range.” Then increase or decrease the brightness until you’re happy with the result.

If you have an older television that doesn’t have a Brightness control button, it can be difficult to get the desired results without resorting to adjustments on a screen that’s already too bright from all of the other settings. To overcome this issue, some TVs come with built-in Brightness adjustment capabilities that allow you to vary how bright each screen appears from its default setting.

How to Use Smart TV to Save Time and Money

Another way to use Smart TV is by using its time-saving features. By adjusting certain settings in advance, such as color temperature and contrast, you can save time when watching a movie or tv show. For example, if you want a movie played in theaters at a lower temperate temperature while outside in summer weather conditions are expected, adjust those Temperature settings before watching the movie!

Smart TV also has another great feature: by changing certain setting effects (such as reducing blue light), you can cut down on energy consumption while watching television shows or movies. By adjusting the color temperature, contrast, and brightness of your screens, you can get a more comfortable and realistic viewing experience.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Smart TV.

The set-top box is the key to enjoying your TV. By using a set-top box, you can customize your TV experience in ways that are never before possible. For example, you can control the brightness of your television, change the channel when you want, and even add programs and movies to your queue.

Get the Most out of Your TV Channels

By subscribing to a number of different channels, you can get a wide variety of programming at your fingertips. Plus, by subscribing to networks like ABC, CBS, or NBCUniversal, you can save money on cable bills each month.

Use Smart TV to Create Customized Experiences

By using the Smart TV app, you can create customized experiences for your home screen that make watching television more fun and interesting than ever before. You can load up different shows or movies with their respective episodes ready to watch right from your bedroom or living room screen. Additionally, you can use the app to order shows or movies online and have them delivered directly to your door without having to wait for weeks or months.

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Get the most out of Your TV by Using Apps

Smart TV also offers an array of apps that allow for even more customization of your viewing experience. These include apps like Netflix which lets you browse through seasons and documentaries while watching; Hulu which allows you to watch live-streaming video content (including new seasons and original programming); Stanza which provides personalized recommendations based on what you’ve watched recently; Plex which allows you to stream media files from computers or NASs; HBO GO which includes all manner of premium content such as series Episodes and documentaries; and Amazon Prime which includes Prime Video content as well as free two-day shipping on select items.

By subscribing to a number of different apps, you can get a wide variety of programming at your fingertips.

Add Some Fun to Your Smart TV Experience.

TV can be a great way to entertain yourself, but sometimes it can feel like you’re just sitting there watching TV. To get the most out of your TV experience, try playing games or using Smart TV technologies to customize your viewing experience. For example, by adding video content (like movies or sports) to your schedule, you could enjoy a more focused and relaxing watch. Additionally, consider using innovative Smart TV features to get more out of your entertainment budget. For example, by creating personalized experiences for games with different gameplay modes and settings, you could have an even more enjoyable time playing them.

Use Smart TV to Create Customized Experiences for Games

If you’re looking for ways to add some extra excitement and fun to your TV screen, there’s no need to look any further than gaming! With so many varieties of gaming software available today, finding the right one for you can be easy and fun. By installing game controllers that allow you to interact with your games in various ways (in addition to traditional control methods), you could have a much more pleasurable experience on-screen. Additionally, by incorporating interesting videos into your games, you could increase the overall drama and tension in your playtime. Subsection 3.3 Get the most out of your TV by Watching Videos.

TV can be a great way to relax after a long day at work or school – but sometimes it feels like all the focus is on television instead of what’s happening around us. To get the most out of your time on screen, try watching videos instead of reading articles or watching shows unfold live from start to finish. This type of media consumption allows you to lose yourself in the story and avoid distractions from outside sources。

Add Some Fun to Your TV Experience by Watching TV Shows

TV shows can be a great way to escape hectic living and enjoy some downtime. By watching television shows, you could get more out of your day-to-day routine and have more fun in the process. By following some simple tips, you could create a custom television experience that’s just right for you. For example, by adding humorous or lighthearted episodes to your schedule, you could add a little bit of humor to an otherwise serious show. Additionally, by using Smart TV features to customize your viewing experience, you could get even more out of your favorite shows.


Smart TV can help you get the most out of your TV. By using Smart TV to create customized experiences, get more out of your TV, and watch videos, you can have a lot of fun while watching your favorite shows. Overall, Smart TV is a great way to maximize your viewing experience and save time and money.

Sony Plus Double Glass TV Price List

Double Glass LED TV

Double Glass TV has an extra protected glass above the TV’s display to protect it from unwanted harm or hit. It can increase your LED TV’s life. We often face some situations when our LED TV may get hit or smashed on its display. This type of hit or smash can damage our LED TVs panel. We all know how costly it is to change the panel of LED TV. Double glass or protected glass TV can save us from this type of accidental cost. Below is the list of some Double Glass Sony Plus TVs and their prices:

Sony Plus Frameless TV Price List

Frameless Smart LED TV

Frameless or Borderless TVs are the most popular LED TVs among customers. Below are some Frameless TV model and their prices:

Tk. 10,600
Tk. 11,500
Tk. 20,600
Tk. 21,500
Tk. 22,900

Some Popular Basic and Smart LED TV Prices in Bangladesh

Basic and Smart TV Price Lists in Bangladesh

LED TVs are the most demandable home appliance now in Bangladesh. Among different variations and sizes, some models are very popular with people. Below are some popular models of Sony Plus Brand in Bangladesh:

5 Best Basic LED TV Price List

Basic LED TV Price in Bangladesh

Basic LED TVs are required by those who don’t want to use the internet on their Television. Also, some people who already have a good Smart TV Box, want a basic TV to run this with their Smart TV Box. This way they can minimize costs by avoiding the higher-priced Smart TV. Below are 5 Basic TV models which you may choose as per your requirement:

Tk. 7,200
Tk. 7,600
Tk. 8,500
Tk. 8,990
Tk. 14,000

Which Resolution TV should you Buy?

TV Resolution matters!

As a part of the ‘New Normal’ way of living, people nowadays are more used to buying LED TVs online. To create entertaining and exciting home decor, an LED TV will be the most attractive option for us. Most people still don’t understand the necessity for perfect TV resolution even though they understand the significance of buying a smart TV.

People’s highest concern is always to get endless entertainment from various content and apps of a smart TV. With the Smart LED TV, you can stream famous OTT platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc., and other various apps from its app store.

You always would need the perfect resolution TV to enjoy the impeccable creation of the creator. People may believe that buying the highest resolution TV available on the market is a wise decision but it isn’t that simple. Not all users would need a 4K Ultra HD resolution TV and not everyone wants to have an HD resolution TV. The smaller room size might make it difficult to get a 4K resolution. They should have a Full HD Smart LED TV instead. The truth is most people don’t know much about the resolution of LED TVs to make an informed decision when buying the TV.

In this article, we will guide you on some important tips to choose the correct resolution for your Smart LED TV.

During this Eid festive season, the market will be filled with a surplus of HD Ready LED TVs, Full HD Smart LED TVs and 4k UHD Smart LED TVs, but you should make your decision wisely for buying the right TV for you. It is important that you know exactly what you need and looks for that while you buy your Smart LED TV.

Read below to know the differences between the Smart LED TV resolution and find which TVs are best for you to buy.

Resolution of HD Ready LED TV and HD Ready Smart LED TV

An HD-ready resolution is not fairly HD and states almost 1366×768 pixels. You can see every visual image in lots of detail and clarity. People can have an HD resolution TV within an affordable budget.

High Definition (HD) resolutions are most popular in the Smart LED TV industry. People generally know that HD is the standard resolution for a Smart TV and that is why almost all the HD Smart LED TV are the best selling items for every brand on the market.

If you want to buy an HD Smart LED TV, then the MME 32-inch Frameless HD LED TV will be your best choice. It has two variations on features like RAM 1GB & ROM 8GB version and another is RAM 2GB & ROM 8GB version. MME is an original, cost-effective Chinese brand that designs and manufactures all its products in China. MME always tries to bring the TV keeping in mind the Bangladeshi customer’s demand and necessity.

This MME 32-inch Smart Frameless HD LED TV will be the perfect choice of Smart TV if you need excellent high definition (HD) picture quality, all the latest smart features, and a budget-friendly LED TV. This TV will support Netflix, YouTube, etc. You can also mirror your phone screen onto the Smart TV through the Miracast feature.

With all these wonderful features, you can get this MME 32-inch Smart Frameless HD LED TV at a very reasonable price in this Eid festival offer. At this cost-effective price, this is certainly a great choice for Smart TV.

Full HD resolution Smart TV

The Full HD resolution TVs produced ultra-clear, amazingly detailed & top-class quality visuals. A Full HD resolution refers to 1920*1080 pixels which is possibly the best resolution for Smart TVs. Though it is not as dazzling as 4K Ultra HD resolution, it offers an excellent picture quality at an affordable price.

MME offers a nice variant for users to have a Full HD Smart LED TV at a cost-effective price. It’s MME 43-inch Smart Full HD LED TV with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. This smart TV comes in 43 inches screen size, Android 9.0 OS, Full HD resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, A Grade Panel Display, and much more.

4K Ultra HD resolution Smart TV

4K is measured to be the benchmark of picture resolution for Smart TV. Perfectly, 4K means a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels on the screen, which interprets into an intense, premium visual quality, supreme by any other Smart TV in the market.

Many people buy 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs for their homes or offices just to up their picture quality game.

Having excellent visual quality & design and with the latest cutting edge technology, 4K TVs become the flagship models of television brands. Their price is also high for having those amazing features. If you are looking for a 4K UHD Smart LED TV, MME has one of the best options for you. MME 55 inches 4K Smart Voice Control comes with High Dynamic Range (HDR) video quality to provide you the outstanding visual quality when you enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports, or movies.

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